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Home Clearings

Session performed at homes to clear bad entities/ bad energies

  • 1 hour
  • $50-$999
  • Comfort of your home

Service Description

Session performed at homes to clear bad entities /bad energies. Area will be cleansed with certain herbs depending on ties with positive blessed energy. Depends on square feet $50-$100 per room Travel to homes fee included if in Tucson Az- Travel fee changes depending on Area Clearing is energy healing for your home, which has two primary aims; to remove negative energy and bring in positive energy. Space clearing clears negative energies intending to create a happy, harmonious, positive energy in your space. A home clearing is a process that aims to remove unwanted or negative energy from a living space. Over time, negative energy can accumulate in our homes, affecting our well-being and the overall atmosphere. Here are some key points about home clearings: Purpose of Home Clearing: The primary purpose of a home clearing is to create a more positive and harmonious environment by releasing any dense or stagnant vibrations. Negative energy can come from various sources, including emotions, past events, and even the energies left behind by previous occupants. Methods of Home Clearing: **Blessings: One popular method is through home blessings. This involves invoking positive energy and setting intentions for the space. **Energy Healing: Energy healers specialize in home clearings. They tap into universal energy to remove unwanted vibrations remotely for both homes and businesses. **Nature: Spending time outdoors in nature can also help shift and improve our energy. Nature acts as an ultimate energy custodian, providing a clear and uncluttered space. **Benefits of Home Clearing: Achieving mental and emotional balance by eliminating unwarranted energy, creating an atmosphere of peace, tranquility, and clarity. Invigorating positive, life-affirming energy in your living space. Restoring a sense of protection and safety. **Signs of a Disturbed Home: Violence, arguments, drug use, and even death can leave negative energy lingering in a home or office space. Remember that our living spaces hold energy, and a home clearing can help maintain a positive and uplifting environment. If you feel uneasy or notice negative vibes, consider exploring home clearing practices to restore balance and harmony.

Cancellation Policy

Please contact us 45 minutes before your scheduled appointment for cancellations.

Contact Details

Soulshine of Tucson 5405 E Pima St, Tucson, AZ 85712, USA

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