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White Plants

​As a Reiki Master and Spiritual Life Coach, I love being able to help my clients identify what is interfering with their personal lives or their success, and what they can do about it. I am glad that I can make such an impact on my clients lives each and every day. Embrace your Inner Light and Divine Gifts ~When your spiritual enlightened you can activate your Soul Purpose and Embrace Ancient Activation codes, Channel your Goddess side and Express your Feminine and Masculine energy. We all are energy "For I am You and You are Me"!! Many humans have come to believe we are all here to just live & try to get by life with daily struggles. But we are in a new generation where we do not need to hide who we are. But behind human form we are all connected- We are Flesh, Spirit, body and Soul- My purpose is to help you find your Soul Purpose on Earth. We are here to live in Divine Light-Embrace the Energy, Vibrations, Frequencies, Love, Grace, Feel Blessed, Be in complete Love-Peace-Harmony and to Ascends.


My name is Jocelyn 

I am a certified Shaman Reiki Master , Spiritual Mentor & also a Certified MA. I have always worked in the medical field.  I perform One on One sessions with activation codes for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing, relieve stress and depression.  I do intuitive readings, activation codes to embrace self-worth and open up the heart, also awaken to your Soul Purpose on Earth.   My intention is to offer the highest quality of services, and to be a channel of positive healing energy and intuitive guidance to help empower, guide and support you on your transformational healing journey.  I have a deep relationship with all things genuinely spiritual & mystical.  I love nature, animals and family.  I also enjoy deeper personal interactions only with those who I can sense coming from a place of authenticity, sincerity, openness & kindness.  I am someone who expects the investment of genuine love, care, time, & energy into relationships.  I am able to cherish & enjoy silence & solitude. I believe beyond doubt that we are born to learn specific life lessons and that everything in our lives is being guided by forces stronger than our ego ridden minds could ever comprehend.  I have always instinctively felt that all healing flows from the divine of which we are a part & believe that nature has all the answers we need to know with learning about being whole.  It’s been a deep interest along with curiosity about the mysteries of our existence that has led me to learn and discover whatever I have in my spiritual journey.  I feel that every bit of this journey guided me here and being able to do what I love so much as healing and being healed.  I'd be honored to meeting you and having that relationship. 

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